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Thoughts on The Citadel

Yesterday Darin and I headed down to The Citadel Outlets for some shopping. We went for a number of important reasons:

  1. We wanted to see what Commander Shepard was raving about.
  2. Both of us needed smaller clothes because we’re losing our northern bulk.
  3. It was a gloomy enough day where doing something cool outside would’ve been lame.

It turns out The Citadel is on the other side of downtown, but since we had nothing better to do we took the 101 to the 5 and got off on Triggs. We passed some not-so-affluent areas on the way down that made us thankful to live where we live.

The place was packed. It was a holiday weekend, and we weren’t thinking. Despite the density of people, Darin eagle-eyed a parking spot on the surface lot and we parked all day for free, so that was intensely rad. The walk to the shops was short, but the onset of anxiety was swift. The people there moved like maimed, obese cattle with harems of sugar-frenzied children and an arsenal of strollers. Darin did his best with verbal Xanax and we made our way through the shops.

The deals at most of the shops were mediocre, but we bought a ton of stuff anyway. Our haul included new high-tops, some shirts, shorts, and swim trunks for D, and a jacket, some crop tops, a dress and a bandeau swimsuit for me. (Note: The crop tops are motivation to keep up the good work in the gym and get some flat abs. More on that another time.) We were pretty happy with our stuff.

Me with our bags and the retro Citadel spire

Me with our bags and the retro Citadel spire

Anyway – notable experiences:

– The Coach store makes people wait in line for entry. Only a certain number of people are allowed in at a time. There was a fancy lady bouncer shoo-ing people to the zig-zagging line and giving them little handouts. I found this laughable. Michael Kors apparently also does this.

– The Nike store was full of really big dudes. I lost Darin in there and it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

– H&M and Gap seemed to be the only stores that we visited didn’t have a tremendous markup before the discount. We actually scored good deals at those two shops.

– Strollers. Strollers everywhere. Huge, hulking, battering-ram strollers.

Will we go back? Probably not, unless we have visitors that want to check it out. I know at least one lady who’d wait in that Coach line. (I’m looking at you, mom.) Definitely won’t go back on a holiday weekend. Probably will pack a flask of whiskey.


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Quick Pro/Con

A quick exploration of the smaller things.

Pro: There won’t be dangerously icy and snowy roads.

Con: There won’t be any parking, either.


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