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Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve

On Saturday Darin and I took a trip over to the 225-acre Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve in Encino.

Ringed by mountains, rivers and streams, the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve is haven of rest for wildlife and humans alike, a welcome oasis within an urban setting. It is here where the visitor of today can get a sense of what this part of the San Fernando Valley might have been like before agriculture and urban settlement forever changed the Valley floor.

It was an incredible trip for many reasons: It’s very close to us (less than 4 miles), the place is huge so it feels unpopulated at times, there are lots of activities going on, and there was – as the name suggests – tons of wildlife to see. Oh, and it was free!

Click any photo to enlarge & view slideshow. Hover for info.

10/10 will visit again soon.



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Jealousy Fodder for My Northern Friends

On Sunday Darin and I took a trip over to Malibu to Point Dume State Park.  Here are some photos to make you all upset that it’s still snowing where you are.

We had an incredamazing time, but it wasn’t as warm as we’d hoped. (Maybe 70 and windy? I know, our lives are tough.)

After Point Dume we searched for a place to eat on Google and ended up heading down to eat at The Sunset in Malibu, where we learned a valuable lesson about looking up the menu of a restaurant before going there. I ordered a salad ($9) and a side of Mac and Cheese ($7) and Darin had Fish & Chips ($17) and two beers. Yeeeesh. I wasn’t exactly the quick, cafe-style linner we were hoping for. It was more of a lofty little place with airy open windows, a ton of seafood on the menu, and a seriously eclectic clientele. (Some guy got really excited and told me I looked like Claire Forlani from Meet Joe Black, so we left.)

At any rate, if you’re looking to do a bit of hiking, see some neat rock formations, relax on a beach or two,  view the native flora/fauna, and only want to drive 42 minutes from our place then Point Dume is for you!

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