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I Cooked Something: Chicken Sausage Flatbread Pizzas


Credit for the original recipe for this one goes out to Clean Eating, you know, since Darin and I eat so clean now. Lysol-as-celery-dip clean. Seriously though, we’ve been trying to eat healthier. What’s the point of busting your butt in the gym if you’re going to eat like a blimp? I’ve already talked about how much “pressure” there is here to stop cultivating mass like a black hole, so we’ve started getting serious about our groceries. Enter these ridiculous pizzas.

Original Recipe – Click to go to Clean Eating

The recipe looked pretty tasty and relatively simple, so we went to the grocery. While there, I was completely unable to find the whole wheat pizza crust, and settled on some tasty looking whole grain flatbreads (specifically these). Then we got to the checkout line (there’s always a huge line here, get it together Pavillions) and sure as hell the damn whole wheat pizza crusts are right there. We grabbed one, but on comparison to the flatbread the whole wheat pizza crust was like something on the CDC watch list. We put the crust back and kept the flatbreads, which ended up being a freaking awesome decision.

Fast-forward to dinner time, and I was able to make these with ease. I’ve never purposely wilted spinach before, so I was really surprised at how much was put in the pan compared to how little came out. Fun! We ended up deciding on making two flatbreads – one for each of us. However, we didn’t double any part of the recipe except the cheese. I also added black olives to mine, since I’m a black olive fiend.

As you can see in the photo above, the pizzas turned out just great despite our modifications. The crust was so dang crispy. Each pizza was maybe 8″x10″, making about 6 good-sized pieces. I ate half mine for dinner, and will eat another half for lunch today.

10/10, would make again. (Honestly, if it wasn’t something I’d make again, why would I post about it?)


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I Cooked Something: Crock-Pot Chicken Tacos

Everybody knows I’m an abysmal cook. It’s a running joke among friends and family at this point. Darin does most of the cooking when we want something edible for dinner. However, he’s been working some late hours at work, so I’ve gotten up the courage to try a few things. My requirements for the recipes I try are that they’re super easy to make (obviously), reasonably inexpensive, and probably chicken.

Anyway, on Tuesday I made chicken tacos. Not only were they a rare success (super delicious and easy), but they fed us for 2 dinners and soon to be one lunch. Since I’m so impressed with the recipe, here it is!


Click to enlarge.

I found the recipe at Two Healthy Kitchens, and was sold when they mentioned how easy it was. The recipe says to cook on high for 4 hours, but my Crock-Pot is old and has numbers instead of low/high settings. I assumed “high” would be the highest number (5), but after two hours I noticed that the chicken would totally dry out and possibly even burn if I left it like that for 4 hours. I turned it down to 2 and in the end it was perfect. I applauded myself for the killer instincts. (I burn stuff a lot, so I’m beginning to notice the early signs.) Anyway, just check it a few times to see if it looks like it’s going to burn or whatever.

As for the particulars of the tacos we made: The salsa I used was a medium, which gave the chicken a nice flavor without being too spicy. We’re trying to eat healthier, so I served the chicken with corn, pinto beans, cheese and corn tortillas, skipping things like guac and sour cream. The corn and pintos brought the moisture instead, and it all worked out really well.

For the effort it took to make (marginal) compared to the results (good, definitely edible) – 10/10 would make again. If my Grandma Ross were alive, she’d give this recipe a VG (“very good”), so I thought I’d share. Let me know if you make this, and how it turns out!

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