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This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Early this morning I woke up to the rustling sound of paper in another room. Darin and I were still in bed, which could only mean one thing: Konan was trying to eat something. Normally, it’s big, fat Brody that’s trying to beg and steal for food, but he tends to stick to edible stuff. Not Konan. She stalks around the house at all hours of day and night, waiting to¬†fulfill her dark cravings. She thieves paper and adhesives when she thinks she is alone so she can devour them in secret.

After a rushed search of the condo, I found her in the most unlikely (or likely, once I thought about it) place: our bathroom. You know, the one I’d done up all fancy with the silver washi tape. The lovely tape that is the perfect marriage of paper and adhesive. The tastiest tape.

Behold, our destroyed washi mural:


And the guilty-as-sin culprit:



Looks like my options are limited: Head back to Michaels for more tape and a do-over that will inevitably lead to another midnight wall snack, or rip the tape off and think of something else.

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