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Fun Fact: San Andreas Fault Zone

Hey neighbor!

The average rate of motion across the San Andreas Fault Zone during the past 3 million years is 56 mm/yr (2 in/yr). This is about the same rate at which your fingernails grow. Assuming this rate continues, scientists project that Los Angeles and San Francisco will be adjacent to one another in approximately 15 million years.



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Earthquakes… Earthquakes Everywhere

Apparently a decent sized earthquake hit southeast L.A. last night. It lasted 10 seconds and “could be felt for miles.”


It happened in the southeast corner of L.A.

But no worries. We are in the northwest corner. The earthquake was 42 miles away. It’s weird to say “Yeah, there was an earthquake in L.A., where I kinda live, but it was 42 miles away.”

The scope of L.A. is a little silly upon thinking about it.

There are 80 neighborhoods and districts.

It covers  502.7 square miles.

Lengthwise, L.A. is 42 miles long, and 23 miles wide.

There are 18 million people in Los Angeles County.

And on and on and on…

We don’t even live in Los Angeles proper, which is weird to think about, but it’s easier to communicate to family and friends. Everyone seemed a throwing stone’s distance away in Green Bay. Here, we’ve only left the Valley once. We’ve got a lot to explore, which is exciting.




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