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Washi Tape All the Walls!

So, after the geometric fox wall decal went over so well I noticed all the washi tape I still had laying around, and I took a crack at giving our little bathroom an accent wall.

Silver Washi Accent Wall

Silver Washi Accent Wall

Same procedures as last time, minus any planning stage. This time I used silver in two widths and just went for it. However, the thinner tape seems to be having some adhesive issues (maybe because it’s not meant for walls?) so I’ll have to keep you guys updated on the status of this design. I might end up replacing the thin stuff in the future. Either way I’m having loads of fun. Hooray!

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Earthquake-Proof Wall Decor

Since moving to CA I’ve had this blank wall above the bed, and I’ve been too afraid to hang anything on it because of the potential for whatever I hang to fall on me during an earthquake. (I mean, I spend a lot of time sleeping, so the likelihood of something falling on me during a nighttime rumble is probably pretty high.) The blank wall was so distracting, though!

hideous wall

OMG, hideous.

I ended up searching around online to find something I could put on it that wouldn’t become shards of doom when the shakes start. My options were either to buy a beautifully expensive tapestry or get a decal, and I wasn’t liking my choices. So I decided to make my own dang decor.

Enter the washi tape geometric fox:

washi fox

An attractive and simple solution to all you embarrassingly empty walls.

It took less than an evening to design this little guy and throw it up on the wall, and now I can sleep safe and sound.


I made a quick plan in Illustrator, then threw it up on my iPad for reference. I’d imagine if you were a thorough person you would have made a grid on the wall and on your art, then meticulously planned things out. I did nothing of the sort – I grabbed my tape and got to it.

First I put up the outline in black, kind of looking at my iPad to make sure I didn’t give the fox super wonky legs or something. I placed tape and cut while I went along, using the scissors. If things got crooked I just pulled and re-applied. The washi tape is SUPER forgiving. (It’s easy removal makes it great for renters!) After laying down the outline I went back and used the Xacto knife and a ruler to cut down the edges and make corners tight. Then I filled in the geo stripes in gold, all willy-nilly:

Willy Nilly Striping

Willy Nilly Striping

After laying down the stripes, I busted out the Xacto knife and ruler again and cut the gold stripes to fit inside the black outline.

Cleaned up edges.

Cleaned Up Edges

The bits I cut off, stuck to my leg.

The bits I cut off, stuck to my leg, because where else could I put them?

After trimming down everything I was left with a renter-friendly solution to my anxiety-inducing blank wall. It’s hard to tell it’s not just paint. Bonus: The whole project was super cheap, and I’ve got washi tape left over for future decal-ing or whatever.

The finished product

The Finished Product

Before and After

Before and After: Click for Big

I can’t take any photographs of a finished project without cats getting in the shots. It’s a bonus feature of my camera, I’m sure. “Wouldn’t the ‘after’ shot look better with a cat?” Yes, yes it would.

Cat approved.

Konan approves.

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