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Hairstyles by Darin™

When you think back to your childhood (or most recent visit to the salon), maybe you look back fondly on other people styling your hair. I remember girlfriends doing “makeovers” at sleepovers and thinking they felt awesome. There’s nothing like that warm feeling of personal attention and the tingly scalp feeling you get when someone is styling your hair.

With curly hair, I spend so much time trying to make sure everyone DOESN’T touch it (whoa, frizz!) that rarely is there a chance at this golden throwback feeling of someone playing with my hair. The other night, nostalgic for the tingles, I asked Darin to quick braid my hair before bed. (I sleep in a braid most nights to avoid choking on my mass of hair.) He offered not just a simple braid, but a signature hairstyle that was sure to be unique and beautiful. While not relaxing like the salon, it was definitely hilarious. When he was finished I asked him to photograph the wonder.

First, he took exactly 7 selfies.

Then he photographed his masterpiece:

A lovely triple braid.

A lovely triple braid.

I explained that, while fit for a runway, this hairstyle wasn’t exactly a great way to sleep. Not missing a beat, he tied the three together.

You wish your man was this resourceful.

You wish your man was this resourceful.

So lovely, but so difficult to sleep on. So he went for a single braid – a vast improvement which also managed to defy gravity and levitate off the back of my head.


Darin is now accepting reservations for his signature hair services, in case any of you ladies would like to hire him for your next wedding, girls’ night, Quinceañera, holiday party or other formal outing.

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We Didn’t Like Transformers


Last night Darin dragged us to see Transformers: Age of Extinction. While obviously not expecting a deep, mind-blowing opus, we were still pretty sorely disappointed. The spectacle of giant, sentient robots fighting a war on continuity just didn’t cut it for us this time. I walked out feeling numb, exhausted, and confused. In light of that, I’m here to share some of out thoughts.

Since you can read any number of the glowing reviews out there, I’ll save you an in-depth dissection of the film. Instead, I leave you with my list of questions I left the theater with:

*Spoilers Ahead*

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This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Early this morning I woke up to the rustling sound of paper in another room. Darin and I were still in bed, which could only mean one thing: Konan was trying to eat something. Normally, it’s big, fat Brody that’s trying to beg and steal for food, but he tends to stick to edible stuff. Not Konan. She stalks around the house at all hours of day and night, waiting to fulfill her dark cravings. She thieves paper and adhesives when she thinks she is alone so she can devour them in secret.

After a rushed search of the condo, I found her in the most unlikely (or likely, once I thought about it) place: our bathroom. You know, the one I’d done up all fancy with the silver washi tape. The lovely tape that is the perfect marriage of paper and adhesive. The tastiest tape.

Behold, our destroyed washi mural:


And the guilty-as-sin culprit:



Looks like my options are limited: Head back to Michaels for more tape and a do-over that will inevitably lead to another midnight wall snack, or rip the tape off and think of something else.

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