The 6 Month Check-up – Darin’s First Half-Year in Cali-Forn-I-A

It has been a totally unacceptable amount of time since I last wrote of my own volition. Typically I’m writing for work; stories of esports, news, or features about the talent that occupy that scene. Today I was spurred by my wonderful companion and wife to write about our first six months in L.A. As I was the one that ripped up our roots to traverse the nation to live here, it’s only fitting I abide, as the dude is wont to do.

P.S, that means “Let’s go” in french. Thanks, Doctor Who.

In regards to work…

Ah, the reason I was drawn here. The work. You know, there isn’t anywhere in Wisconsin, save one place I know of in Madison, that would have allowed me to pursue my passion of video games and writing. Freelance and online endeavors, sure, but an actual career? It was just too barren in the ol’ Wisco. But in Los Angeles, and the West Coast in general, it’s a common commodity. The video game career is abundant and thriving, and I get to be part of it. Not only that, I get to be instrumental in the growth of a company looking to forge an identity and niche.

To me, this is incredibly exciting. The company, Azubu, has a long road ahead of it. If you click that link, you’ll may wonder where I might reside. Easy fix: Click here.

That is my home. And as Managing Editor of this little corner of the web, I’ve learned so, so much. I have an incredible little team that consistently impresses me with their resourcefulness and ingenuity. Our little writing and editing team crosses paths with other departments not daily, but seemingly hourly, and this makes the job fun beyond measure. We brainstorm, we shoot the shit, we figure out how to do cooler things. We learned quickly that working in “silos” and not inter-departmentally was a hindrance.

I don’t write as much as I’d like, but that’s fine. I know I can write. My team knows I can write. I’m more concerned about being a better leader.  So when I’m at work, I’m this guy:

And when I’m off work I can be this guy:


Or turtle. Whatever.

But, in the case of posterity, and since this is my blog post, here are some pieces I’ve written thus far:




There is a lot of content I’m proud of that is on that little site that isn’t my own, so take a look around and get an idea of the space I’m in.

Overall, I am loving my career. It’s a dream job, and I work everyday towards doing it better.

In regards to not-work…

It was rough going for the first few months for Jackie and I. I guess your mileage of “rough” may vary, but it was more of an adaptation period, not an episode of strife. I was working a lot, she was working from home … so when I would come home at 5:30 (initially) she would want to go out, explore, do things. I cemented my view that we needed to play it cool and be on the down low for a few months while we got our feet under ourselves, but it was more or less me saying “my career is more important.” This is untrue, and nothing is more important than Jackie Babe.

As time went on, we started doing more; we found seemingly forgotten and hidden roads that led to beaches built of both golden sand and obsidian shores of rock. We experienced incredible  culinary delights, both familiar and foreign. We’ve made friends with people of all walks of life, and continue to do so. Everyone’s a transplant, and everyone wants to tell their story. That common thread ties us all together in L.A.

And we’ve only scratched the surface. There’s so much to see and do. Hiking trails to conquer, food to eat, and parties to chill at. It was a struggle to balance work and life, but life is not work. That’s something I learned here.

And the best thing? I think we’re going to be alright out here.

What started out as:

Has turned into:

(Read: adventure time, discovering cool things, etc.)


Moving here was the best decision we ever made.



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4 responses to “The 6 Month Check-up – Darin’s First Half-Year in Cali-Forn-I-A

  1. Sounds awesome! I look forward to hearing about your adventures when you come back or when we finally visit you.


  2. cindy ducat

    Glad you both are having a good time and finding balance in your life. Please don’t forget where you both came from. Just remember back home there are lots of family and friends that love and miss you both so much. Love you both 🙂


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