Our First Earthquake

This evening we had our first earthquake – a 3.8 magnitude quake with an epicenter just on the other side of the hills (5 miles away). Darin and I were watching Game of Thrones on the couch. All of the sudden there was some light shaking and a very distinct rumble like underground thunder. For the first half-second I thought maybe it was a huge truck driving past, or an upstairs neighbor falling down, but it rapidly became clear that it was a quake. I froze up and covered my mouth. Darin said I looked very afraid…because I was. I was super scared that it was going to escalate, and I didn’t know if we should have been moving or just staying frozen in fear. (Answer: Stay frozen in fear, apparently.)

Luckily, it was over quickly. The shaking lasted about 5 seconds or so. Once I was able to assess the situation and realized there was no harm done, I became aware I felt really nauseous and disoriented. Darin confirmed the disorientation, although he wasn’t sick, so bonus manliness points. We ran to the computer to get information right away and posted to social media to let our families know we’re okay. Then we sat and freaked out for awhile together. About two minutes after the quake I felt/heard a tiny aftershock, but Darin didn’t. LA QuakeBot confirmed another small quake further away near Santa Monica.

The whole experience was so surreal. I had weak knees for awhile! At least everyone is safe and there’s no damage done. If we’re going to have quakes, I suppose those are the best kind to have.




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2 responses to “Our First Earthquake

  1. Janet Babe

    HOLY CRAP!!!!  I don’t like this at all!  What would you have done if it kept on going?  That is too close for comfort. I’m glad you guys are safe but I pray ( yes I’m going to) that you stay safe.   Thank you for letting us know so I wouldn’t have to call you at 4 in the morning to find out if all is ok! I love you guys so much  I miss you – my heart misses you. Doubsxoxoxoxoxo   Janet 


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