Dropping That Northern Bulk

For the first time in forever
Today I did something I’ve never done before – I ran a mile in under 10 minutes. Specifically, 9:54. Me – I did that! Now, I know this doesn’t make me an Olympian or anything. In fact, according to this chart from Running Free I’m only in the 40-something percentile.

So I could step it up a notch.

So I could step it up a notch.

But I’ve never been one for fitness, so I’m super proud that I’ve surpassed this goal of mine. (I’ll have to set a new one now – geez, what a pain.) I can chalk up this new-found sense of motivation and thereby accomplishment to the move out here, and here’s why:

  • Motivation: It’s always bikini season here. It hasn’t dipped below 60 for a daytime high since we’ve been here. I want to be confident in my body when I romp around at the beach (who am I kidding? read lazily at the beach), or wear shorts, or tank tops, or go to the pool, so I’ve got plenty of reasons to get off my butt.
  • Convenience: There’s a workout facility RIGHT IN THE CONDO. It’s almost always empty, so Darin and I get the place pretty much to ourselves. It has a few weights and machines and stuff, and it’s free. No excuses to find there.

    Horrible photograph of said workout room.

    Horrible photograph of said workout room.

  • Partnership: Even if I don’t want to hit the gym, Darin will push me to, or at least make fun of me really badly. We’ve been in this together like piloting a Jaeger. Plus I don’t want him getting super swole while I sit around and eat pounds of nacho cheese, letting my inner fat-kid win.
  • Progress: We’ve seen a bit of it, and it makes it so much easier to bust out the Nikes when you know your pooge is shrinking and you can bench more pounds than you could last week. We’ve even had to buy new clothes because we’re shrinking.

It’s so much easier to hit the gym when it’s sunny and you don’t have to put on a bunch of layers to brave the below-zero temps and 12 inches of snow. This is especially true when you get a chance to see your progress every weekend in a bikini. So the moral of this post is to move to California if you’re in the mood to lose some weight and tone up, because it’s totally working for us.


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