The Trip, as told by The Doctor

Fun Fact: Southern California has over 10,000 earthquakes a year, but most of them are not large enough to be felt.

Jackie and I are unpacking … slowly. We don’t know how anyone could do this as a married couple without movers and moving assistance from a company. It’s such a large task. I can’t fathom packing ourselves again. It’d just be insanity.

The entire trip, besides one botched exit by me at the end, was uneventful. No breakdowns. No tickets. Some windy conditions, but overall we saw some beautiful scenery and incredible sights.

Here are some moments, as told by Doctor Who gifs.

Jackie driving through the Mojave Desert:

How it felt after the drive was done:

How it felt looking back on what we’d accomplished with that drive:

Walking into our place for the first time:

How I feel about everything:

We have a metric ton of photos to share from the drive, too. Hang in there, we’ll show you.



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