The Adventure Begins


The Letter of Interest is signed and all this craziness can begin.  With a maximum of five weeks until the move, we have a lot to do: research, selling, packing, planning, and more. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m super nervous – we don’t have a specific date or even a neighborhood picked out yet!  However, it’s what we make of it, so this is the beginning of something exciting – right?



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3 responses to “The Adventure Begins

  1. Janet

    This is exciting for you guys, but it will be sad for us. We have to take it day by day, right? We will support you any way we can to make this a smooth process. Love you to Cali and back (a lot more than that 😉 xo) Love Mom doubsxoxoxo


  2. Mary Engelland

    This is so excieting for you . You will be just fine. And like Janet said you have support from all of us. And it gives Gramma a place to go–Have a great time , love you both a long, long time. Gramma


  3. Cindy Ducat

    I am going to miss u guys so much!! I can’t hardly stand that u will b that far away! I am a little selfish for not wanting u guys to move, there are many reasons, but I can’t help it! Both of my only siblings live so far away, thats hard. your family and i love u both. If I didn’t love u guys I wouldn’t care. My baby brother,growing up and leaving. I was always like a little mother hen to you when you were little, always had to protect you, boss you around, I still want to do that! lol! But do wish u guys the best of luck in your adventure! come back soon ! love cindy


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